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Features and Benefits

With Palm OS 5, PalmSource ushers in the next generation of mobile computing—an era that will see the introduction of Palm Powered products and applications of astonishing power, and the adoption of mobile computing on a scale that few people imagined possible just a few years ago.

Palm OS 5 provides the foundation for this new era by offering the processing power required to take on the most demanding mobile computing tasks, together with the advanced multimedia, wireless connectivity, and security that enterprises require. Best of all, Palm OS 5 makes these advances without compromising the ease of use, flexibility and openness that has made Palm Powered products the clear market leaders.

Despite its major advances, Palm OS 5 has been designed to run most existing Palm OS applications. Which means that our millions of users can discover a whole new Palm Powered world, without leaving behind the applications they already know and love.

And since Palm OS 5 systems can work and exchange information with earlier versions of the Palm OS, customers will be free to choose when and how they want to upgrade. Earlier Palm OS handhelds continue to be sold and serve the needs of many users. But for users with advanced needs, Palm OS 5 provides a smooth path into the future of mobile computing.

Palm OS 5 Advantages:

Greater Processing Power: With built-in support for ARM-compliant processors, Palm OS 5 accelerates even the most demanding software programs, including titles that involve advanced graphics and large database management. Most existing Palm applications will benefit too, with performance improvements of up to 300%.

Advanced Multimedia Features: With support for 320x320 pixel screens (four times the number of pixels of most current generation products), handhelds based on Palm OS 5 take the rapidly growing world of portable content to a whole new level. In addition to these video enhancements, audio capabilities now support the recording and playback of 16-bit audio files—allowing licensees and developers to deliver today the multimedia devices and applications of tomorrow.

Extended Wireless Connectivity: Now businesses and developers can now choose the wireless technology that best suits their needs. Palm OS 5 now offers support for 802.11b solutions at the system level. With additional support for Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA, and 2.5G/3G networks, Palm OS 5 offers a consistent programming interface for wireless connectivity and an increase in processing power that significantly improves connections speeds. Learn more about Palm Powered wireless solutions and partners.

Increased Security: Enterprise customers and consumers all place a vital importance on the security of their information. To meet these requirements, Palm OS 5 includes a suite of best-in-class security services, which can be integrated into applications and corporate security policies when and how developers and enterprises need. Developed in cooperation with RSA, the services include 128-bit data encryption based on the RC4 algorithm and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support for Internet email, Web browsing, and commercial transactions. Learn more about Palm OS 5 security.

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